5.6.7: BPD Apogee Motors

The BPD Sirio motor had a fiberglass case (or a Ti case?) and was 0.49m diameter, 1.29m long. The 500 kNs impulse engine was 200 kg full, 177 kg of propellant, with a 35s burn time.

A Carbon fiber motor case version was proposed for OTS but not used.

Int'l  Motor   Burn Date   Result   Usage   Launch  
Desig.     Vehicle 

SNIA-BPD Glass fibre AKM (possibly called Ciron) 

1977-029A   Geos 1 AKM  1977 Apr 25  S  Geos 1 ABM  Delta 130 
1977-080A   Sirio 1 AKM  1977 Aug 26:  S  Sirio 1 ABM  Delta 133 
1978-071A   Geos 2 ABM  1978 Jul 15:  S  Geos 2 ABM  Delta 143 
1982-F06   Sirio 2 AKM  1982 Sep 9  NT  Sirio 2 ABM  Ariane 1 L5