Eole, originally FR-2, was known to NASA as CAS 1 (Cooperative Applications Satellite 1). The 84kg satellite was built by Aerospatiale. Eole relayed data from meteorological balloons released from Argentina. In 1980 the satellite was still in use for training tracking station operators. Eole is named after Aeolus, the wind god.

Size is 0.58m long 0.71m dia. with 0.61m solar panels and a 10m gravity boom.



1971 Aug 16   1839   Launch by Scout B   WI 
   T+1:17 St 1 sep 
   T+1:57 St 2 burnout 
   T+2:07 St 3 burn 
   T+2:43 St 3 burnout 
   T+11:09 St 3 sep 
   T+11:14 St 4 burn 
   T+11:49 St 4 burnout 
   T+16:49 Yoyo release 
   T+17:09 St 4 sep 
1971 Aug 16       100.6 677 x 904 x 50.2 
1974    Battery failed 
1980    In use for training