The S80/T satellite was built for CNES by Matra Marconi Space using the Surrey Satellite Technology Microbus (Uosat) bus. The 0.35 x 0.35m, 50 kg satellite had a 6-m gravity gradient mast. It was launched on 1992 Aug 10 on an ASAP Ariane from Kourou. S80/T carried a 148/138MHz transponder for tests of mobile communications and location-finding for a proposed, but later abandoned, LEO constellation.



1992 Aug 10   2308   Launch by Ariane 
  2313   T+5:35 St 2 sep 
  2325   T+17:37 H10 cutoff 
  2327   H10 sep from Topex (T+19:29) 
  2331   KITSAT, S80 sep from ASAP (T+23:36)  
1992 Aug 14    111.93 1302 x 1328 x 66.1 
1995    Still op