2.2.2: Belier

The Sud-Aviation Belier is 0.30m in dia and 2.84m long.

The Belier rocket made several test flights under the aegis of CNET. The first two test flights were from Hammaguir, then tests moved to CERES (CEM). The first operational flight was B07, launched from Hammaguir for the Aeronomie lab and carrying a radioactivity measurement payload.

The first Belier 3 flight was B301 in 1968 from Landes.


Belier Flights
Flight   Date   Lab   Site   Notes 

B05   1961 Jun   CNET   HMG 
B06   1961 Jun   CNET   HMG 
B02   1962 May 9   CNET  CERES  First CERES launch 
B03   1962 May 15   CNET   CERES 
B04   1962 May 16   CNET   CERES 
B07   1962 May 29   Aero   HMG   Radioactivity 
B08   1962 Jun 6   Aero   HMG   Radioactivity 
B45   1962 Nov 21   Aero   CERES   Li/Na emission 
B41   1962 Nov 22   Aero   CERES   Li/Na emission 
B01   1963 May 6   Aero   HMG   Radioactivity 
B73   1963 Jul 24   Aero   CERES   Li 
B69   1964 Nov 10   Aero   CERES   Ozone 
B301  1968 Mar 18   CNES   CEL   Test 
B306  1968 May 14   CNES   SDQ   Test 
B304   1969 Mar 6  CNES   CSG   Test 
B116   1969 Apr 19   CNES/CSG   CSG   Range training 
B117   1969 Aug 18   CNES/CSG   CSG   Range training 
B139   1970 Feb 3   CNES/CSG   CSG   Range training 
B140   1970 Nov 6   CNES/CSG   CSG   Range training