2.2.6: Rubis

CNES flew the Rubis test vehicle on several occasions.

Rubis 02 carried three experiments: A D-1 satellite test package, a magnetospheric package, and a Meudon radioastronomy experiment with a 36m dipole observing at 1.8 and 2.4 MHz.

Rubis 04 reflew the radio-astronomy experiment, and measured the MHz range radio background.


Rubis flight tests
Flight   Date   Lab   Notes   Site 

Rubis 1  1965 Jun 5   CNES   D1   HMG 
Rubis 2  1965 Sep 30   Aero./Meudon   Crifo/Steinberg   HMG 
Rubis 3  1966 Apr 22   MPA   Rubis Allemand   HMG 
Rubis 4  1967 Jul 5  Meudon  Radioastronomie   CEL