The 12th KH-7 GAMBIT, SV 961, was launched on 1964 Oct 8 by Atlas Agena D from Vandenberg. However, the vehicle did not reach orbit.

Some records indicate the Atlas first stage was destroyed by Range Safety but Atlas records indicate a success; The Agena listing gives the failure as an Agena failure, with an anomalous engine shutdown. The launch time is not known. The intended inclination, the time of failure, and the velocity and apogee reached are also unknown.

KH-7 12 


1964 Oct 8    Launch by Atlas Agena D  
   T+2:18? BECO 
   T+4:37? SECO 
   T+4:54? VECO 
   T+4:59? Atlas sep 
   T+5:51? Agena MES 
   Agena failed? 
   Reentered over Pacific?