KH-7 17 was launched on 1965 Apr 28 by Atlas Agena D from Vandenberg.

Four debris objects, 1965-31C, D, E and F, were cataloged in low orbit together with the payload. One of them may be the Agena stage. In addition, the Agena deployed a subsatellite 1965-31B, together with an associated debris object 1965-31G.

Archival data is not available for the payload but there is data for fragments 1965-31E and F. Fragments C and D have no elements even in the SATCAT.

KH-7 17 


1965 Apr 28   2017?  Launch by Atlas Agena D  V  
   T+2:18? BECO 
   T+4:37? SECO 
   T+4:54? VECO 
   T+4:59? Atlas sep 
   T+5:51? Agena MES 
 2028?  T+9:50? Agena MECO 
 2030?  Subsatellite launched from Agena 
   OCV sep 
1965 Apr 30    31C, 31D reentered 
1965 May 1    88.95 180 x 259 x 95.6 
1965 May 1?   SRV recovered (guess) 
1965 May 3   2330?   Reentered after 5.14d 
1965 May 4    31E reentered 
1965 May 8    31F reentered