KH-7 23 was launched on 1965 Nov 8 by Atlas Agena D from Vandenberg into a 145 x 277 km x 94 degree orbit for a 3 day flight. In addition to its main mission of imaging Soviet military targets, the Agena D stage carried a scientific experiment to study the aurora. This was the first of seven missions to carry supplementary experiments on the Agena D.

No archival elements are available and the exact launch time is not known.

KH-7 23 


1965 Nov 8   1926?   Launch by Atlas Agena D  
   T+2:18? BECO 
   T+4:37? SECO 
   T+4:54? VECO 
   T+4:59? Atlas sep 
   T+5:51? Agena MES 
 1935?  T+9:50? Agena MECO 
   OCV sep  145 x 277 x 93.88 
1965 Nov 9    Agena reentered 
1965 Nov 10?   SRV recovered (guess) 
1965 Nov 11   1730?   OCV reentered