KH-7 32 (GAMBIT 33) was launched on 1966 Sep 16 by Atlas Agena D from Vandenberg on a 6 day mission. No archival elements are available. The Agena D rocket reentered after 1 day; shortly after orbit insertion a small piggyback satellite was launched from the Agena aft rack. This was the last KH-7 to carry such a subsatellite. As well as the OCV, the Agena, and the subsatellite, one debris object was tracked; the SATCAT and the UN give a 474 x 498 km x 94.0 deg orbit and a decay date of Oct 30, so it was probably a small sensor cover from the subsatellite.

KH-7 32 


1966 Sep 16  1759  Launch by Atlas Agena D   V  
   T+2:18? BECO 
   T+4:37? SECO 
   T+4:54? VECO 
   T+4:59? Atlas sep 
   T+5:51? Agena MES 
 1808  T+9:50? Agena MECO 
1966 Sep 16    Subsatellite ejected from Agena 
1966 Sep 16    OCV separated from Agena 
1966 Sep 17    89.4 148 x 333 x 94.0 (RAE) 
1966 Sep 21?   SRV recovered 
1966 Sep 23    Reentered after 6d