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Jonathan's Space Report 
No. 694 draft                                          2014 Feb 10    Somerville, MA

International Space Station

The first of the cubesats are being prepared for deployment from the Kibo

Stefan Barensky has drawn my attention to the fact that Progress M-22M
carried a 1U cubesat to the ISS for later deployment. The payload is
Chasqui 1 from Peru's Universidad Nacional de Ingenieria.

The Cygnus ship carried two bags of cubesats to ISS. Each bag contained the
equivalent of 16 3U cubesats, loaded in eight Nanoracks 2x3U cubesat deployers.
The first bag's worth of eight deployers has been installed on the MPEP
(Multi-Purpose Experiment Plaform) which goes on a slide in the Kibo module
airlock. The MPEP will be moved outside Kibo and then maneuvered by the Kibo
robot arm to the deploy position, where two satellites at a time (one deployer's
worth) will be ejected. Once all 16 3U's worth on the MPEP has been deployed
(a process that will take over a week), the MPEP is returned inside the Kibo
module and the second bag of satellites can be loaded onto it. (Thanks to
Will Marshall of PlanetLabs for some of the details here).

The first two Flock-1 satellites, 3U Dove-class Earth imaging cubesats
for the San Francisco based company PlanetLabs, were deployed by the JEM
RMS at about 0831 UTC on Feb 11. By Feb 15 all 16 satellites from the first
Nanoracks bag had been ejected. Thanks to Henry Hallam at PlanetLabs for updating
me on deployment times and spacecraft names. 
  The post deployment names of the Flock satellites in order of deployment are
  Flock1-1, Flock1-2, etc.  They are apparently also known as Dove-5, 6, 7, etc.

Erratum - Athena-Fidus

Stefan Barensky points out that the Athena-Fidus story is more complicated than I 
had reported. The satellite is for both military and civilian government communications;
in France the civilian space agency CNES and the military procurement agency DGA
are both responsible, while in Italy the corresponding ASI and Segredifesa/DNA
agencies are involved. And the correct name for ASI is Agenzia Spaziale Italiana.

Table of Recent (orbital) Launches 
Date UT       Name            Launch Vehicle        Site            Mission    INTL.  

Jan  5 1048   GSAT-14            GSLV             Sriharikota SLP   Comms        01A
Jan  6 2206   Thaicom 6          Falcon 9 v1.1    Canaveral SLC40   Comms        02A
Jan  9 1807   Cygnus Orb-1       Antares 120      Wallops MARS 0A   Cargo        03A
Jan 24 0233   TDRS 12            Atlas V 401      Canaveral SLC41   Comms        04A
Feb  5 1623   Progress M-22M     Soyuz-U          Baykonur LC1/5    Cargo        05A
Feb  6 2130   ABS 2        )     Ariane 5ECA      Kourou ELA3       Comms        06A
              Athena-Fidus )                                                     06B
Feb 11 0831   Dove-5  (F1-1) )   -                ISS, LEO          Imaging    98-067DG      
              Dove-6  (F1-2) )                                      Imaging    98-067DH
Feb 11 1241   Dove-7  (F1-3) )   -                ISS, LEO          Imaging    98-067DJ
              Dove-8  (F1-4) )                                      Imaging    98-067DK
Feb 12 0830   Dove-9  (F1-5) )   -                ISS, LEO          Imaging    98-067DL
              Dove-10 (F1-6) )                                      Imaging    98-067DM
Feb 13 0820   Dove-11 (F1-11))   -                ISS, LEO          Imaging    98-067DN
              Dove-12 (F1-12))                                      Imaging    98-067DP
Feb 14 0415   Dove-13 (F1-13))   -                ISS, LEO          Imaging    98-067DQ
              Dove-14 (F1-14))                                      Imaging    98-067DR
Feb 14 1145   Dove-15 (F1-15))   -                ISS, LEO          Imaging    98-067DS
              Dove-16 (F1-16))                                      Imaging    98-067DT
Feb 14 2109   Turksat-4A         Proton-M/Briz-M  Baykonur LC81/24  Comms        07A
Feb 15 0700   Dove-17 (F1-7) )   -                ISS, LEO          Imaging    98-067DU
              Dove-18 (F1-8) )                                      Imaging    98-067DV
Feb 15 1055   Dove-19 (F1-9  )   -                ISS, LEO          Imaging    98-067DW
              Dove-20 (F1-10))                                      Imaging    98-067DY

Table of Recent (suborbital) Launches

Date UT     Payload/Flt Name  Launch Vehicle  Site                   Mission    Apogee/km

Dec 14        Kavoshgar Pazhuhesh  Shahab-1        Semnan           Bio           120
Dec 17 1236   GT210GM          Minuteman III       Vandenberg LF04  Op. test     1300?
Dec 23 1128   Agni RV          Agni 3              Chandipur        Test          350
Dec 24 0700   Yars RV-1 )      Yars                Plesetsk         Test         1000?
              Yars RV-2 )
              Yars RV-3 )
              Yars RV-4 )
Dec 27 1730   Topol' RV        Topol'              Kapustin Yar     Test         1000?
Jan  3        Arrow KV         Arrow 3             Palmachim        Test          100?
Jan 15 0909   FTX-18 target    Terrier Orion       Wallops          Target        130?
Jan 15 0909   FTX-18 target    Terrier Orion       Wallops          Target        130?
Jan 15 0909   FTX-18 target    Terrier Orion       Wallops          Target        130?
Jan 20 0522   Agni 4 RV        Agni 4              Chandipur IC4    Test          900?

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