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The Space Report ("JSR") is issued about twice a month. It describes all space launches, including both piloted missions and automated satellites. Back issues are available online. To receive the JSR each week by direct email, send a message to, with a blank subject line and message body containing the single line "subscribe jsr". Feel free to reproduce the JSR as long as you're not doing it for profit. If you are doing so regularly, please inform Jonathan by email. Comments, suggestions, and corrections are encouraged. You can mail Jonathan McDowell at jcm at

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Jonathan's Space Report
No. 618                                              2009 Nov 27  Somerville, MA

Shuttle and Station

Japan's HTV-1 cargo vehicle has left the Station. It was released at
1731 UTC on Oct 30 and deorbited on Nov 1 at 2125 UTC over the S Pacific.

The Poisk module (Maliy Issledovatel'ny Modul'-2, MIM-2) was launched on
Nov 10. Poisk is the successor to the Pirs docking module and the Mir SO

       Article         Spacecraft  Name    Mass       Cargo tug
1995   316GK No. 1     SO         -        4000 kg    None (STS-74)
2001   240GK No. 1L    SO         Pirs     3676 kg    Progress M-SO1 No. 301    
2009   240GK No. 2L    MIM-2      Poisk    3670 kg    Progress M-SO2 No. 302

Poisk is launched attached to a Progress propulsion module, Progress
M-MIM2 No. 302 (or M-SO2 No. 302). Poisk has the factory designation
240GK No. 2L and is loosely derived from the Soyuz BO (orbital module).
The module docked with the zenith docking port on Zvezda at 1541 UTC on
Nov 12. The propulsion module will be discarded in December.

Atlantis was launched on Nov 16 on mission STS-129. It docked with the
Station at 1651 UTC on Nov 18. Two Express Logistics Carrier pallets,
ELC-1 and ELC-2, were transferred to the station truss. The pallets
carry external spares such as gyros, which will be hard to get to the
station once the Shuttle is retired; two more ELCs will be delivered on
a later mission. On the first spacewalk on Nov 19, astronauts Foreman
and Satcher installed a spare S-band antenna on the Z1 truss segment and
lubed the robot arm fixtures on the mobile transporter and the Kibo arm.
 On the second spacewalk on Nov 21, Foreman and Bresnik installed
antennas on Columbus and relocated an electrostatic charging monitor
from S1 to P1, as well as deploying truss fixtures where equipment will
be mounted in future. The third spacewalk on Nov 23 by Satcher and
Bresnik began with airlock depressurization and hatch opening around
1322 UTC; they installed the MISSE 7 exposure experiment and a new
oxygen tank for the Quest airlock before closing the hatch at 1904 UTC
and repressurizing 2 min later.

The Atlantis crew of Charles Hobaugh, Barry Wilmore, Leland Melvin,
Randy Bresnik, Michael Foreman and Robert Satcher, supplemented by
Nicole Stott completing her tour as a station crew member, undocked on
Nov 25 at 0953 UTC. They returned to Earth on Nov 27 with the deorbit
burn at 1337 UTC lowering the orbit from 336 x 348 km to about 16 x 347
km. STS-129 landed on runway 33 at Kennedy Space Center at 1444 UTC.

Aboard the station with commander Jeff Williams (NASA) are Frank De
Winne (ESA/Belgium), Robert Thirsk (CSA/Canada), Roman Romanenko
(FKA/Russia), and Maksim Suraev (FKA/Russia). Expedition 22 began at
1500 UTC on Nov 24; Williams assumed command at 1812 UTC.

  STS-129 cargo bay manifest - estimate

  Name                             Bay location   Mass (kg,guess)

  Orbiter Docking System           1-2            1800
   with EMU 3008, 3010 suits                       260?
  APC/SPDU                         3 port           17?
  SPA/S-band Antenna (SASA)        3 stbd          272
  APC/MISSE 7A                     4 port           98
  APC/MISSE 7B                     4 stbd           98
  EXPRESS Logistics Carrier ELC1   6-9            6396
  ROEU umbilical                   9 port           79?
  ROEU umbilical                   9 stbd           79?
  EXPRESS Logistics Carrier ELC2   10-13          6136
  RMS 301                          Sill            410
  OBSS                             Sill            382?
                                           Total 16027


Khrunichev launched a Rokot (UR-100N missile with Briz-KM upper stage)
from Plesetsk on Nov 2 and placed the European SMOS and PROBA-2
satellites in orbit. SMOS is the Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity
mission, obtaining climate-related data using a microwave
aperture-synthesis interferometer. PROBA-2 is a techology mission. SMOS
is in a 758 x 759 km x 98.4 deg orbit, PROBA-2 slightly lower at 709 x
728 km.

Shijian 11-1

China has launched a test satellite 'Shijian shi yihao 01 xing', SJ-11-01,
which can be translated as 'Practice Sat 11-01' or 'Experiment Sat 11-01'.
SJ11-01 is in a 689 x 703 km x 98.3 deg orbit.


A Russian Defense Ministry satellite was launched on Nov 20 and given
the cover name Kosmos-2455. It is probably the first Lotos-S electronic
intelligence satellite. Lotos-S satellites are built by TsSKB-Progress
Samara Space Center (Samara) and KB Arsenal (Sankt-Peterburg) for the
Russian Defense Ministry. Initial orbit is 199 x 904 km x 67.2 deg.
After a small perigee tweak on Nov 22, a major burn by the onboard
propulsion unit circularized the orbit at 903 x 906 km on Nov 23.

NASA 36.252UH

Webster Cash's latest X-ray spectroscopy payload was launched from White
Sands on Nov 14 to take a look at the Cyg Loop. This is probably a
reflight of the CyXESS payload first launched in Nov 2006.


ESA and DLR launched a TEXUS microgravity rocket from Kiruna in
Sweden on Nov 22, carrying European and Japanese experiments.


Intelsat IS-14 was launched on Nov 23 using a United Launch Alliance/
Lockheed Martin Atlas V rocket, model 431, serial AV-024. IS-14, a Loral
1300 class satellite with a launch mass of 5663 kg and dry mass of 2517
kg, will replace IS-1R at 24W over the Atlantic. Centaur AV-024 entered
an initial 175 x 25998 km x 25.0 deg orbit and then deployed IS-14 into
a 6157 x 39094 km x 22.5 deg transfer orbit at 0853 UTC.


Eutelsat W7 was launched Nov 24 by ILS/Khrunichev Proton-M; it will
replace SESAT-1 with broadcasting and data services to Russia and Africa.


Michel Laliberte pointed out to me that the recent Centaur was not the
first solar orbit launch from Vandenberg - NRL's Clementine space probe
preceded it, in 1994.

Table of Recent (orbital) Launches 
Date UT       Name            Launch Vehicle  Site            Mission     INTL.  
Oct  1 2159   COMSATBw-1 )      Ariane 5ECA      Kourou ELA3      Comms      54A
              Amazonas 2 )                                        Comms      54B
Oct  8 1851   WorldView-2       Delta 7920       Vandenberg SLC2W Imaging    55A
Oct 15 0114   Progress M-03M    Soyuz-U          Baykonur LC1/5   Cargo      56A
Oct 18 1612   DMSP 5D F-18      Atlas V 401      Vandenberg SLC3E Weather    57A
Oct 29 2000   NSS 12  )         Ariane 5ECA      Kourou ELA3      Comms      58A
              Thor 6  )                                                      58B
Nov  2 0151   SMOS    )         Rokot            Plesetsk        Rem.Sensing 59A
              PROBA-2 )                                           Tech       59B
Nov 10 1422   Poisk             Soyuz-U          Baykonur LC1/5  Station mod.60A
Nov 12 0245   SJ-11-01          Chang Zheng 2C   Jiuquan          Tech       61A
Nov 16 1928   Atlantis          Space Shuttle    Kennedy LC39A    Spaceship  62A
Nov 20 1044   Kosmos-2455       Soyuz-U          Plesetsk         Sigint     63A
Nov 23 0655   Intelsat IS-14    Atlas V 431      Canaveral SLC41  Comms      64A
Nov 24 1419   Eutelsat W7       Proton-M/Briz-M  Baykonur LC200/39 Comms     65A

Table of Recent (suborbital) Launches

Date UT     Payload/Flt Name  Launch Vehicle  Site            Mission    Apogee/km
Sep 16 1346   PAC-3 Target    Hera?           Ft Wingate      Target        90?
Oct  6        Volna RV  )     Volna           K-433, Okhotsk  Op. Test    1000?
                 x4?    )
Oct  7        Volna RV  )     Volna           K-44, Okhotsk   Op. Test    1000?
                 x4?    )
Oct 16        ARAV B          Terrier Oriole  Kauai           Target       100?
Oct 16        ARAV B          Terrier Oriole  Kauai           Target       100?
Oct 28 0400   Dummy RV?       Unknown         Kauai           Target       150?
Oct 28 0404   Aegis KV        SM-3            JS Myoko, Kauai Intercept    150?
Nov  1        Sineva RV )     Sineva?         K-117, Barents  Op. Test    1000?
Nov  5        ARAV C          Talos Castor    Kauai           Target       300?
Nov 14 0230?  NASA 36.252UH   Black Brant IX  White Sands     XR Astron    300?
Nov 22 1115   TEXUS 46        VSB-30          Esrange         Micrograv    252

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