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Jonathan's Space Report 
No. 713 draft                                                 2015 May 28     Somerville, MA

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International Space Station

Expedition 43 continues under the command of Terry Virts, with FE-1
Anton Shkaplerov and FE-2 Samantha Cristoforetti, FE-3 Gennadiy
Padalka, FE-4 Mikhail Kornienko and FE-5 Scott Kelly.

On May 27 the SSRMS arm was used to move the PMM Leonardo storage module from
the Unity (Node 1) nadir port to the Tranquility (Node 3) forward port.
Unberthing was at 0946 UTC and berthing was complete at 1308 UTC. This is part
of a major reconfiguration of the station to support future commercial crew
and cargo spaceships.

Tranquility now has the Cupola at the nadir port, PMA-3 at the aft port, and 
Leonardo at the forward port. The zenith port is vacant.
Here 'aft' and 'forward' are relative to the ISS,
a convention I find confusing as Node 3 is at 90 degrees to the other nodes,
so corresponding ports on Nodes 1 and 2 have different nomenclature.


Ariane 5 launched two communication satellites on May 27. DirecTV-15 is a 6205 kg Eurostar
3000 for DirecTV; SKYM-1 is an Orbital Geostar-2 with a mass of 3182 kg for Sky Mexico,
a joint venture of DirecTV and Mexico's Televisa.


The X-37B has been found by hobbyist observers in a 309 x 322 km x 38.0 deg orbit.
The ULTRASAT cubesats are in 355 x 700 km x 55.0 deg orbits.

AV-054 Cubesats

The LightSail-1 cubesat went in to safemode and attempts continue to recover control.
There were of course 10 cubesats on the AV-054 launch, not 9 - I listed them all
individually but then ran out of fingers somehow when totalling them.


On Jun 5 Russia launched the Kobal't-M No. 565 spy satellite, given the
codename Kosmos-2505.

Table of Recent (orbital) Launches 
Date UT       Name            Launch Vehicle        Site            Mission       INTL.   Catalog  Perigee Apogee  Incl   Notes
                                                                                                      km      km   deg

May 16 0547   Mexsat-1            Proton-M/Briz-M   Baykonur LC200/39 Comms          F01   F01446  -2000?x    160 x  50.5?
May 20 1505   X-37B OTV-4    )    Atlas V 501       Canaveral SLC40   Tech           25A   S40651    309 x    322 x  38.0
              USS Langley    )                                        Tech           25B   S40652    350?x    700?x  55?
              PSat-1         )                                        Comms          25D   S40654    350?x    700?x  55?
              BRICSat-P      )                                        Tech           25E   S40655    350?x    700?x  55?
              GEARRS-2       )                                        Comms          25G   S40657    350?x    700?x  55?
              Aerocube-8a    )                                        Tech           25J   S40659    350?x    700?x  55?
              Aerocube-8b    )                                        Tech           25K   S40660    350?x    700?x  55?
	      O/C-1          )                                        Calibration    25C   S40653    350?x    700?x  55?
	      O/C-2          )                                        Calibration    25F   S40656    350?x    700?x  55?
	      O/C-3          )                                        Calibration    25H   S40658    350?x    700?x  55?
              LightSail-A    )                                        Tech           25L   S40661    350?x    700?x  55?
May 27 2116   DirecTV-15  )       Ariane 5ECA        Kourou ELA3      Comms          26A   S40663    258 x  35773 x   4.4
              SKYM-1      )                                           Comms          26B   S40664    261 x  35738 x   4.4
Jun  5 1523   Kosmos-2505         Soyuz-2-1A         Plesetsk LC43/4  Imaging        27A   S40667    177 x    285 x  81.4

Table of Recent (suborbital) Launches

Flight NASA 36.300US, the fifth mission of the SDO EVE Calibration payload,
was launched May 21 but the rocket was destroyed about 5 km up; the payload
was recovered by parachute.

On Jun 6 Asnar Allah forces in Sa'dah, Yemen launched a Scud (possibly
North Korean model Hwasong 6) at King Khaled Air Base in Saudi Arabia.
The missile was reportedly intercepted by two Patriot missiles.

Date UT     Payload/Flt Name  Launch Vehicle  Site                   Mission    Apogee/km

Apr 15        RV               Ghauri              Tilla?           Test          400?
Apr 16 0422   Agni RV          Agni III            Chandipur        Test          350?
Apr 18 1101   NASA 46.008UO    Terrier Imp.Malemute Wallops         Education     174?
May  2 0830   NASA 36.292UH    Black Brant IX      White Sands      XR Astron     272
May 20 1037   GT212GM          Minuteman 3         Vandenberg       Test         1300?
Jun  6        Warhead          Hwasong 6?          Sa'dah           Weapon         80?
Jun  6        CTV-01           SM-3-IIA            San Nicolas I.   Test          150?

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