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Jonathan's Space Report 
No. 697 draft                                          2014 Apr 19   Somerville, MA

International Space Station

Expedition 39 continues with commander Koichi Wakata and flight engineers
Tyurin, Mastracchio, Skvortsov, Artem'ev and Swanson.

Dragon CRS-3 completed its rendezvous with the ISS on Apr 20 and was grappled
by the SSRMS robot arm at 1114 UTC. The arm berthed Dragon on the Harmony module's
nadir CBM port at 1402 UTC, with the process completed at 1406 UTC.


My discussion of the ISEE 3 spacecraft in JSR696 was based on the contemporary
report in Spaceflight magazine. My colleagues at the National Air and Space Museum
have retrieved the original document, which turns out to be a 'declaration of
intent' to transfer the title to the Smithsonian at a future date - such transfer
not having in fact occurred. So it appears that ISEE 3 is still the property of

In JSR 696, the PhoneSat-2.5 cubesat, a 1U experiment from
NASA-Ames which was ejected from the Falcon 9 second stage, was briefly
mentioned in the text but inadvertently omitted from the launch table.

Table of Recent (orbital) Launches 
Date UT       Name            Launch Vehicle        Site            Mission    INTL.  

Apr  3 1446   DMSP 5D-3 F-19     Atlas V 401      Vandenberg SLC3E  Weather      15A
Apr  3 2102   Sentinel-1A        Soyuz-2-1A       CSG ELS           Radar        16A
Apr  4 1144   IRNSS-1B           PSLV-XL          Sriharikota FLP   Navigation   17A
Apr  9 1526   Progress M-23M     Soyuz-U          Baykonur LC1      Cargo        18A
Apr  9 1906   'Ofeq-10           Shaviyt          Palmachim         Radar        19A
Apr 10 1745   USA 250            Atlas V 541      Canaveral SLC41   Sigint       20A
Apr 16 1620   Egyptsat-2         Soyuz-U          Baykonur LC31     Imaging      21A
Apr 18 1925   Dragon CRS-3     ) Falcon 9 v1.1    Canaveral SLC40   Cargo        22A
              SporeSat         )                                    Bio          22
              TSat             )                                    Tech         22
              All-Star         )                                    Sci          22
              PhoneSat-2.5     )                                    Tech         22
              Kicksat          )                                    Tech         22
              Sprite (00,01)   )                                    Tech         22
                 to            )                                    
              Sprite (206,207) )                                    Tech         22

Suborbital missions

A sounding rocket launched from Kapustin Yar on Mar 26 failed and landed
near a village in an unplanned area of western Kazakhstan; launches within Kazakhstan
have been suspended pending the accident investigation. The MN-300/MR-30 sounding
rocket system has a nominal apogee of 300 km, and given the range achieved probably
attained a comparable height this time despite the failure.

Table of Recent (suborbital) Launches

Date UT     Payload/Flt Name  Launch Vehicle  Site                   Mission    Apogee/km

Mar 26 2225   MR-30            MN-300              Kapustin Yar     Met/Ionos?    300?
Apr 14 0640   Yars RV x 4?     Yars                Plesetsk         Test         1000?

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