1994-085 Briz debris

Object B is listed as 'R/B' rather than 'Deb' in the SSR, so Space Command think's its the main part of the rocket. It is close in orbit to the payload, A.

Objects X and Y were put in a high apogee orbit of 1367 x 3174 km but decayed rapidly. X reentered in Jan 2000. Y's orbit seemed headed for reentry in Jun 1995; it was then tracked in a 394 x 3378 km orbit. The next elset in May 1997 showed it in a 1673 x 2173 km orbit and it continued to show large eccentricity variations until decay in 1999; I speculate that X and Y were pieces of insulation subject to large solar pressure forces. The remaining objects were slow decayers from the main 1852 x 2226 km orbit, and divide into objects showing irregular variations in their orbital period and objects showing no variation, the latter are presumably the dense objects (or in resonances?): B, G, K, L, P, R, S, U, W, Z, AA. RCS values are not available for these objects.

Steady decayers

Irregular decayers