N1  2004-25B Celestis 04/SL 24:  Registered by USA in ST/SG/SER.E/453, but
  due to a last minute change of plan the US payload Celestis 04 was not launched
  on this vehicle; 2004-25B is just the SL 24 (Dnepr) final stage and is a Russian object.

N2  2005-05A XTAR-EUR: Owned by Hisdesat, a joint Spanish-US organization. Registered
   by the USA even though Hisdesat is mainly Spanish.

N3  1974 Nov 5, China "Recoverable satellite", Chinese registration 2005/22. 
    This registration is erroneous.
    The satellite launched on 1974 Nov 5 failed to reach orbit. The orbital
    data given reflect the intended orbit.

N4  1994-43A Apstar 1 and 1990-30A AsiaSat-1:
    - ownership transferred from UK to China in Jul 1997.