The QED Atlas Team

The QED atlas team was led by Martin Elvis at CfA. Roles were as follows:

Martin Elvis was the QED project leader. He conceived and led the project as well as carrying out many of the observations.

Belinda Wilkes co-led the project, and contributed scientific input, observations and analysis.

Jonathan McDowell was Martin's postdoc. He combined the transformation of reduced observational data with data from the literature to produce the SEDs, as well as developing the starlight subtraction approach under Martin's direction. He also developed the TIGER SED manipulation program to systematize production of the Atlas.

Richard Green, Jill Bechtold Steve Willner and Roc Cutri carried out observations for the project and participated extensively in the scientific discussions and planning.

Sally Oey was a post-bac research assistant and carried out observations and (lots and lots of) analysis and data reduction.

Elisha Polomski was a Wellesley undergraduate working with Martin. She carried out data reduction and analysis for the project.