JSR Launch Vehicle Database, 2019 Nov 18 Edition

Jonathan C. McDowell

Launch List (sorted by designation)

The JSR Launch List contains 68832 launches. The launches include 5436 orbital launches, 27555 suborbital launches, and 35834 endoatmospheric flights as described in the Launch Vehicle Database.

Orbital launches, Harvard designations (1957-62)
Orbital launches, COSPAR designations (1963-present)
U: Uncataloged launches with orbital energy
F: Orbital launch failures (excluding U)
S: Suborbital launches (apogee 80+ km)
Y: Suborbital weather rocket launches
M: Mesospheric launches (apogee 50-80 km)
W: Mesospheric weather rocket launches
A: Atmospheric launches (apogee 0-50 km)
E: Prelaunch pad explosions for orbital missions