2.1.8: Piloted flight program

CNES carried out a joint flight program with the USSR on Salyut and Mir space stations.



CNES Piloted Missions
No   Mission Name   Date   Station   Launch ferry   Prime   Backup 

1     1982   Salyut-7   Soyuz T-6   Jean-Loup Chr'etien   Patrick Baudry 
2   ARAGATZ   1988   Mir   Soyuz TM-7   Jean-Loup Chr'etien    
3   ANTAR`ES   1992   Mir   Soyuz TM-15   Michel Tognini    
4   ALTAIR   1993 Jul 1   Mir   Soyuz TM-17   Jean-Pierre Haigner'e   Claudie Andr'e-Deshays 
5   CASSIOP'EE   1996 Aug   Mir   Soyuz TM-24   Claudie Andr'e-Deshays   L'eopold Eyharts  
6   PEGASE   1998