Life Sciences Flights

The CERMA lab carried out several life sciences spaceflights with Veronique, France's first space traveller (1961) being a rat called Hector. Two more rats flew in 1962 and two cats flew in 1963. The larger Vesta rocket was used to launch two macaque monkeys in 1967.

Two Veronique 61M flights from CSG in 1971 were recorded as `biologie + geophysique' without further details except that a Dr. Lost was the experimenter.


Veronique Life Science Program
Flight   Date   Lab   Notes 

V24   1961 Feb 22   CERMA   Rat Hector 
V37   1962 Oct 15   CERMA   Rat 
V36   1962 Oct 18   CERMA   Rat 
V47   1963 Oct 18   CERMA   Cat Felicette 
V50   1963 Oct 24   CERMA   Cat 
Vesta 4   1967 Mar 7   CERMA   Macaca nemestrina `Martine' 
Vesta 5   1967 Mar 13   CERMA   Macaca nemestrina `Pierette' 
VA93   1971 Jun 8   APW   Biology/geophys (CSG) 
VA94   1971 Jun 12   APW   Biology/geophys (CSG)