Solar physics and astronomy

A Veronique launched in May 1963 carried a CEA experiment to measure the X-ray background. A flight in Apr 1966 may have been astronomy-related. The VA89 flight was the first nighttime payload recovery.


Veronique Astronomy Program
Flight   Date   Lab   Notes   Site 

V45   1963 May 1   LPA/CEA   Vassy/Rawer/CEA   HMG 
VA78  1966 Apr 4   CNES   ACS/cosmic rays/L alpha HMG 
VA77   1966 Oct 1   CNES   ACS/Labeyrie/Courtes  HMG 
VA84   1967 Jan 11   LAS/CEA   Cameras Nocturnes   HMG 
V63   1967 Jan 13   Aero   Solar UV   HMG 
VA88   1967 Apr 4   LAS/CEA   Camera Nocturne/ X-rays   HMG 
VA89   1968 Jul 25  LAS/CEA   X-rays   CSG 
VA83   1968 Dec 18  LAS   Nebular photometry  CSG 
VA90   1968 Dec 23  LAS/CEA   Nebular photometry/X-rays   CSG 

The flights in 1964 described as 'Pointeur' were tests of guidance systems for solar pointing telescopes, and returned narrow band UV images of the Sun for the first time.


Veronique Solar physics Program
Flight   Date   Lab   Notes 

V48   1963 May 10   Aero   Coronagraph 
V52   1964 Nov 8   Aero   Pointeur Colorado 
V56   1965 Feb 12   Aero   Pointeur LCA 
V57   1966 Apr 6   Aero   Pointeur Ball Bros. 
V64   1967 Mar 17   Aero   Coronagraphe