The Evolving Universe

Smithsonian Institution

Experience The Evolving Universe exhibit
at the National Museum of Natural History.

October 21, 2011 – January 20, 2013

Take a mind-bending journey from Earth to the far reaches of space—back to the beginning of the universe about 13.6 billion years ago.

The farther we peer into space with powerful telescopes, the farther back into the history of the universe we see. The light from our Sun—a mere 93 million miles away—takes only a few minutes to reach Earth. But when we look at stars and galaxies in the night sky, we are seeing light that has traveled for millions—even billions—of years to reach us.

By looking back in time, we can observe how the universe has evolved from its beginnings.

Start in our solar system and travel out into space, or begin at the Big Bang and travel forward in time.