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Jonathan's Space Report 
No. 751 draft                                                 2018 Jun 19  Somerville, MA
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International Space Station

Expedition 56 continues with astronauts Feustel, Artemev, Arnold, Prokop'ev,
Aunon-Chancellor and Gerst.

On Jun 20 the Canadarm-2/Dextre robot arm combo plucked Surrey's RemoveDebris
technology satellite from the Kibo airlock and released it into orbit.

On Jun 23 at 0815 UTC the ISS orbit was boosted with a 0.4m/s burn from
Progress MS-08 which increased apogee by 2 km.

On Jun 29 SpaceX launched the Dragon CRS-15 cargo ship on a Falcon 9
from Cape Canaveral. CRS-15 uses capsule C111, on its second flight, and
as usual a new trunk section, this time carrying the ECOSTRESS
experiment and a spare latching end effector for the Canadarm-2 robot
arm, LEE S/N 205, attached to a flight support equipment (FSE) plate.
Dragon CRS-15 arrived at the ISS on Jul 2; Canadarm-2 grappled the
vehicle at 1054 UTC and was berthed on the Harmony module at 1352 UTC.

On Jul 5 the Canadarm-2 unberthed ECOSTRESS from Dragon and handed it
off to the JEM RMS which installed it on the Kibo Exposed Facility at
EFU10.  When the old spare LEE, S/N 204, was pressed into service as the
new LEE-B on the arm, it left behind an FSE plate on External Stowage
Platform 2. On Jul 6 the Dextre arm was used to move the FSE plate to
the Dragon trunk for disposal and moved the new LEE to ESP-2.  On Jul 11
the JEM RMS arm moved the old HREP (HICO/RAIDS Exposed Payload) from the
Kibo Exposed Facility EFU6 to EFU13, where the Canadarm-2 picked it up
and relocated it to the Dragon trunk for disposal. HREP was launched in
2009 on the first HTV cargo ship. 

On Jul 9 Progress MS-09 was launched from Baykonur and made the
fastest-ever ISS rendezvous, docking with the Pirs module only 3h 39m
13s after launch. The only faster  flights in history from Earth launch
to orbital rendezvous and docking were Kosmos-188 and Gemini 11, at 1h
8m and 1h 34min respectively.

On Jul 13 Nanoracks NRCSD-14 was extracted from the Kibo airlock by the JEM
RMS and ejected a total of 9 cubesats.

Cygnus OA-9E tested its ability to reboost the ISS with a small 0.05m/s
burn on Jul 10 at 2024UTC. It was unberthed from the Unity module
on Jul 15 at 1026 UTC and released at 1236 UTC.

Tiangong 2

China's Tiangong-2 spacelab was used for a single human expedition in
2016; China has announced that no further visits are planned. Since
Shenzhou 11 left in Nov 2016, TG-2 has made small reboost manuevers on
2017 Mar 5, Apr 5-6, May 13, Jun 17-20, Sep 17, and Nov 4. The Tianzhou-1
freighter docked with it several times between Apr and Sep 2017 and
transferred an unknown amount of propellant. The freighter carried about
2000 kg of propellant in eight 250 kg tanks, half of which were for
its own maneuevers. I am guessing each of the three propellant transfer
exercises that were carried out involved one tank's worth.

On 2018 Jun 13 at around 0645 and 0735 UTC the lab made a two-impulse
manuever to lower its orbit from 388 x 391 km to 293 x 299 km. It seemed
as if this might be a precursor to a deorbit burn, but on Jun 22 at
about 0117 and 0202 UTC a second two-impulse manuever restored the orbit
to 390 x 399 km. The full sequence used about 330 kg of propellant.
If we assumed Tianzhou left the 1000-kg-capacity tanks full, that leaves
about 670 kg. Total mass of Tiangong-2 including propellant
is probably now around 8500 kg. At least 250 kg of propellant is
required to safely deorbit the vehicle at end of mission.
As of Jul 15, Tiangong-2 remained in a 387 x 394 km orbit.

Chinese technology satellites

On Jun 27 China launched two satellites carrying intersatellite communications and imaging sensor
technology experiments. The satellites are referred to as
`xin jishu shiyan' A and B xing (New Technology Test sat A and B). 

Beidou DW 32

Although China's Beidou-3 navigation satellite system has now been deployed, operation of the older generation Beidou-2
system is being maintained. Beidou daohang weixing 32, also known as Beidou-2 I7, was launched
on Jul 9 to replenish the Beidou-2 inclined geosynchronous network.


China launched two satellites for Pakistan on Jul 9, using the CZ-2C with a rarely seen SMA solid
upper stage motor. PRSS-1 (Pakistan Remote Sensing Satelite 1) is a Chinese-built imaging satellite;
the smaller PakTES-1 was developed by Pakistan in collaboration with South Africa. 
The satellites are operated by Pakistan's space agency SUPARCO.


On Jun 27 at 0030 UTC Hayabusa-2 began stationkeeping 20 km from the 0.9 km-diameter asteroid (162173) Ryugu.
The probe will later approach the asteroid and obtain samples for return to Earth.

Table of Recent Orbital Launches 
Date UT       Name            Launch Vehicle        Site            Mission       INTL.   Catalog  Perigee Apogee  Incl   Notes
Jun  2 0413   Gao Fen 6       )       Chang Zheng 2D    Jiuquan          Imaging      48A   S43484   635 x   646 x 98.0
              Luojia-1 KSW 01 )                                          Imaging      48B   S43485   635 x   647 x 98.0
Jun  4 0445   SES-12                  Falcon 9 FT       Canaveral SLC40  Comms        49A   S43488   210 x 58276 x 25.9
Jun  5 1307   Fengyun 2 09            Chang Zheng 3A    Xichang LC2      Weather      50A   S43491   219 x 35906 x 24.6
Jun  6 1112   Soyuz MS-09             Soyuz-FG          Baykonur LC1     Spaceship    51A   S43493   190 x   247 x 51.6
Jun 12 0420   IGS R-6                 H-IIA             Tanegashima      Radar        52A   S43495   500 x   502 x 97.4
Jun 16 2146   Kosmos-2527             Soyuz-2-1B/Fregat Plesetsk         Navigation   53A   S43508 19116 x 19155 x 64.8
Jun 20 1135   RemoveDebris                              ISS, LEO         Tech        9867NT S43510   401 x   407 x 51.6
Jun 27 0330   XJS A )                 Chang Zheng 2C    Xichang          Tech         54A   S43518   465 x   483 x 35.0
              XJS B )                                                    Tech         54B   S43519   476 x   486 x 35.0
Jun 29 0942   Dragon CRS-15           Falcon 9 FT       Canaveral SLC40  Cargo        55A   S43522   402 x   408 x 51.6
Jul  9 0356   PRSS-1    )             Chang Zheng 2C/SMA Jiuquan         Imaging      56B   S43530   593 x   637 x 98.1
              PakTes-1a )                                                Imaging      56A   S43529   658 x   669 x 98.1
Jul  9 2058   Beidou DW32             Chang Zheng 3A    Xichang          Navigation   57A   S43539   198 x 35778 x 55.1
Jul  9 2151   Progress MS-09          Soyuz-2-1A        Baykonur LC31    Cargo        58A   S43537   402 x   408 x 51.6
Jul 13 0805   RainCube )                                ISS, LEO         Tech       9867NU?
              HaloSat  )                                                 Astron     9867NV?
Jul 13 0905   Radix                                     ISS, LEO         Tech       9867NW?
Jul 13 1235   TEMPEST-D )                               ISS, LEO         Sci        9867NX?
              CubeRRT   )                                                Tech       9867NY
Jul 13 1420   RadSat-g      )                           ISS, LEO         Tech       9867NZ?
              Equisat       )                                            Tech       9867PA?
              MemSat        )                                            Tech       9867PB?
              Endurosat One )                                            Comms      9867PC?

Table of Recent Suborbital Launches

The suborbital launches table includes known flights above 80 km.

Date UT       Payload/Flt Name Launch Vehicle      Site                  Mission    Apogee/km    Target

Jun  3 0418   Agni RV           Agni V             Kalam Island          Test          800       Indian O.
Jun 18 1900   EVE 7             Black Brant 9      White Sands           Solar EUV     250?      White Sands
Jun 21 0930   NASA 41.120UO     Terrier Imp.Orion  Wallops Island        Education     120       Atlantic

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